[PAI]~ Darkness

A Polyphonic Aural Sound Installation inspired in Darkness, a Poem by G.G.Byron.

Commissioned by No Idea Festival 2017 / Austin, Texas.

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An Urban Sound Installation, an observing post from where to watch your immediate surroundings while being submerged in a sound environment.

This project was funded by PAPIAM 2014.

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Portable Sound-Art-Couture Multi-Installation Device

.namklaw This is the actual finished piece, the installation day view exhibition was as part of the Centro Multimedia's Muestra del Programa de Apoyo a la Producción e Investigación en Arte y Medios.

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.gutdal is a sound_couture_art piece that merges both the sound-art and garment design worlds. The concept uses this principle and converts it into an installation that consists of a more than 13 feet garment that contains 33 spatialized speakers that reproduce a composition that has been designed to be listened to in it’s interior.

As in a kind of a sound tipi, the public gets under the dress to be immersed in the composition’s sonorities that emanate from the 33 speaker system, taking them through an introspective journey.

The composition is a 33 channels musical piece for guitar and electronic processes, each part being reproduced thru one of the speakers that are strategically placed throughout the garment to generate the surround experience of it.

Laboratorio Arte Alameda. In exhibition through february 14th 2010.
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Instalación Auricular Polifónica

[IAP]~ is yet another soundart piece, this one integrates an eight channel spatialization within a cocoon-like structure that wraps around the upper half of the body, submerging the listener in a personalized sound black hole.


.namklaw / M.M.W.D.V. / Prototype

.namklaw is a sound-couture project in which the concept of the portable player, composition, sound spatialization and couture merged to give way to a mobile installation.

The piece’s argument is backed by more than 30 years of work in the fields of composition, sound experimentation, improvisation, couture and design by Dyan Pritamo / Arthur Henry Fork, and the fact that the appearance of the walkman and the cassette tape at the end of the 70’s changed the way he related to music reproduction.

.namklaw consists of a garment that carries 10 portable cassette players (walkmans), each player reproduces a cassette tape that contains a part of the composition, sending it’s sound data to a pair of speakers situated strategically on the head-set, where the sum of all the 20 speakers creates then a sound spatialization that can be carried around and listened to anywhere.

The musical composition is a piece for guitar and PD, created specifically to be recorded in 20 different parts, one for each of the 10 cassette tapes, and then to be reproduced on the 10 portable cassette players and 20 speakers on the installation, therefore creating an intimate, personalized, mobile sound spatialization.

This is the prototype model that was made at an early stage, the actual full installation of 10 devices is in the works at present time and will be exhibited towards the second half of 2011. check the .news section for more info.

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dutu_nzuni Work in Progress.

This proyect is being developed with a grant from the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte 2009.

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_soundrrolls is an installation that seeks to rework the idea of the music box and the piano roll, transporting them into a contemporary context, where, through a musical discourse we can hilight the poetics of the mechanical process.

The piece consists of the spatialisation of six mechanical instruments, which generate a harmonic couterpoint controled by human intervention. Each machine play a part of the composition through different procesess which will include proximity, movement, stomp and light sensors, friction and percussion mechanisms, all controlled by patches and interfaces, then amplified to generate the sound of the piece.



This project was commissioned by the Fundación Ruta de la Amistadand consists of an installation in one of the 23 sculptures from the rute. The sculpture we choose to work with is TORRE DE LOS VIENTOS (Uruguay). Windstroment is a sound art piece that seeks to transform the sculpture into a wind instrument, taking advantage of the cross-current winds that blow through the place. A giant lid with three mouth pieces will generate the sounds when hit by the wind, the reverberation inside the tower serves as an acoustic chamber for the composition.