I have been working on these pieces for the past 3 years, doing research and developing the concept, theory, and design of each one of them. We expect to be working on their production in the near future.

Cutis Sonat [abstract]

Cutis Sonat is an intermedia research project that parts from questioning about the stereotypes and sociocultural values ‚Äčthat have been created historically based on skin color. The proposal covers three sound approaches that use variations of the human complexion to speculate on the relevance that skin color has had in the way humans relate to each other.


- Cutis Sonat (V 0.3)

An investigation/sound installation around the scientific relationship between the Human Genome and the concept of "Race". We are interested in generating a parallel discourse that inquires about the theories that Race, more than a biological phenomenon, is a social myth. Taking this as a starting point, we intend to take a series of DNA tests from a diverse group of people and from the data they produce, generate a sound discourse, by reading the DNA maps through mechanical scanning devices, thus obtaining the soundtrack of each of the samples, which will allow us to speculate with the results in a poetic way, through sound.