This are projects that I have been working on for the past 3 years, mainly researching and developing the structure that contains the design, concept, and theory. We expect to be working on their production in the near future.

Kuhu-Nzüni [abstract]

Kühü Nzüni is an intermediate research project that questions the stereotypes and sociocultural values that have historically been created based on the color of the skin. The proposal encompasses three sound approaches that use the variations of the human complexion to speculate on the relevance that the color of the skin has had in the way in which humans relate to each other.


- Kühü Nzüni [n’a] (1)

An intermediate installation that seeks to generate a sound discourse / bio-action, through which the apparent racial and sociocultural differences that delimit human relationships are diluted and cataloged from their skin color, creating a form of human interaction in which our complexion, converted into sound, dialogues with the frequencies generated by those of others, speculating with the idea of a society based on the harmonic counterpoint within a common sound body. The piece uses a reading device that takes samples of the skin color of each interactor, translating by means of an algorithm, the RGB data into real-time sound frequencies. Each sound will travel through space for a period of time from speaker to speaker. At the same time, the data will be fed to a patch that in turn will send the RGB formulas to a bioprinter to build layer by layer a 3D model of my face.


- Kühü Nzüni [yoho] (2)

Continuing with the concept of the intermediate sound installation / bio-action and under the same precept that seeks the dissolution of racial/socio-cultural differences around our complexion, this piece dialogues with this idea through a sound discourse based on the tonal register that every bio-skin canvas has. The piece is made up of bio-skin canvases that cover a tonal spectrum that ranges from the darkest to the lightest, based on the collection of images of skin tones that will be taken throughout the process. The RGB formula of each tone will be used to generate its sound frequency, which will be reproduced by means of a tuned/intervened electromagnetic bell to give its specific tone.


- Kühü Nzüni [hñu] (3)

An investigation/sound installation around the scientific relationship between the Human Genome and the concept of "Race". We are interested in generating a parallel discourse that inquires about the theories that Race, more than a biological phenomenon, is a social myth. Taking this as a starting point, we intend to take a series of DNA tests from a diverse group of people and from the data they produce, generate a sound discourse, by reading the DNA maps through mechanical scanning devices, thus obtaining the soundtrack of each of the samples, which will allow us to speculate with the results in a poetic way, through sound.



Cabezal is an installation/sound action that addresses in a transgressive and poetic way, the phenomenon of femicide that has been taking place for several years in México. Based on data and statistics retrieved from different sources, our interest is focused on creating a situation that invites the public to reflect and raise awareness of this phenomenon, as well as its impact both on the lives of the victims and on the social and cultural structure in its different contexts. The piece covers two aspects around femicide:

On the one hand, the multichannel sound piece that, through an acousmatic composition, gives voice to all the women who have been victims. The sound aspects of the piece immersing the interactor in a state of restlessness that seeks to connect with the anguish and pain that these women had to go through. The visual part of the installation, the tangible, is a memorial made from 32 pits. From each one of these pits, represented by a mound of earth, rises a head covered by a black hood personifying the submitted subject.

As a whole, the installation shows the silencing side of the act, the gag, the subjection, but at the same time, it gives voice to every woman who is violated so that her name lives in the collective memory.